Medical Marijuana

With the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Ohio, many questions have been asked about Signature Health's policy on medical marijuana and use with clients.

Medical marijuana is a challenging topic. It is true that Cannabinoids also known as THC has provided some benefit for...

* Treating illness occurring with cancer chemotherapy

* Increasing appetite in diseases such as AIDS

* Reducing seizure burden in epilepsy

These benefits were determined from a study with controlled amounts (purity & formula) of Cannabinoids in a safe setting.

In contrast, the current setting for medical marijuana in Ohio allows for the distribution of herbal products lacking standard purity, dosing, or formulation but in the absence of rigorous, controlled studies assessing safety and efficacy for specific conditions.

Currently there are no known benefits of medical marijuana in people suffering from or predisposed to psychiatric and substance use disorders. Signature Health will remain open to information on medical marijuana and evidence of marijuana products when they are safe, effective, and approved by Federal regulations.

What you need to know...Medical Marijuana is a complex issue with more risks than benefits

* As a Federally Qualified Health Center and an agency that works with federal programs Signature Health must comply with Federal laws

* Whether for medicinal or recreational use marijuana, is still considered illegal under Federal Law

* Signature Health providers will not prescribe, recommend, or distribute medical marijuana.

* Signature Health is and will remain a drug-free environment

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