Medication Safety

As we age and have more medical needs it is common to find ourselves easily overwhelmed with past and present medications. Here are some steps we can take to make it safer and less confusing.

- Keep all the current medications in the same place and out of children's/ pet’s reach. Remove the discontinued medications, as soon as possible, this way you won't keep taking something you no longer need.
- It might be helpful to use a shoe box or plastic container to keep the bottles together and easier to move around.
- Don't keep medications in bathroom cabinets, this is most likely the only place in your house where visitors can go, be by themselves, with a closed door! 
- If you fill weekly pill boxes, do it over a baking sheet or something else that has a rim because it will help prevent the pills from rolling on the floor.
- Sometimes when we get into a routine it may happen that we do things out of habit. At some point we may wonder if we took a medication or not. Make a calendar part of your routine - put a check mark on the day as soon as you took your medications, if you take medications three times a day you will have three check marks.
-Discard old medications by taking them to the police station or sheriff’s department collection boxes- see attached list
- Remove your name from the pill bottles before you discard them. Some pharmacies like our Signature Health Pharmacy have medication collection containers for customer use. 
- If you are diabetic and you use syringes you can dispose of them in an empty, plastic laundry detergent container. Make sure you close the lid. If collected this way the used needles can be thrown in the garbage. 
- Take a medication list or the medication bottles with you to all doctors’ appointments. 
- Use one pharmacy as much as possible.
- Communicate, if you have any questions about your medications, what they are for, side effects, what to do and not to do.  Reach out to your pharmacist or doctor's office. 
- Call for refills about 7 days before you run out of medications. This will give some time for the communication between your doctor- pharmacy the insurance company and you.

Written by Mihaela Burtea

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