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Issue: # 5

March 15th, 2015

When You Need Help Now

Let me tell you a story that happened this past week.


Early in the morning last Friday one of our patients was having a really difficult time.  He was off of his medications and he was suffering from intense delusions and hallucinations.  He had gone to a motel to stay the night convinced that there were cameras and microphones planted in his home. The police found him wandering the streets of Mentor.  They were able to find out from him that he was a patient here at Signature.  Not feeling they had just cause to pink slip him they convinced him to let them take him to our office.


Upon arriving at our office, the front desk ladies got Mary Winfield our Nursing Supervisor involved.  She assessed the situation and discovered this was a patient of one of our nurse practitioners who wasn't in the office that day.  Mary turned to Denise Flynn, APRN for help.  Denise agreed to see the patient even though it wasn't one of her patients.  Denise wanted him to be restarted on Latuda immediately and have Vistoril for anxiety.  They were able to get the medications from our pharmacy so he could get some immediate relief.  Mary then asked Rachel Giamo one of our case managers to work with him to get a family member to come to the office.  After a good amount of time a plan was put in place for the patient and his family member to attempt to return home.  Unfortunately his anxiety was too great and he felt he needed to go to the hospital.  We coordinated with Richmond Hospital and sent the patient there.  By the time the patient got to the Richmond Emergency Department and seen by the doctor the patient's anxiety and psychotic symptoms started to respond to the medications we had given him in the morning.  He felt well enough to go home!


Thanks you Mary, Denise and Rachel! Outstanding Work!  By working together you saved a hospitalization!


I wanted to tell this story for so many reasons.  First, this is an amazing example of teamwork.  I want to applaud Denise Flynn in particular for being willing to see the patient even though it wasn't her patient.  She did it simply because that was the best thing for the patient.  The second reason is this story is a perfect example of my vision of "When you need help now".  This client didn't have to be hospitalized !  While we certainly aren't ready for the police departments to drop off every patient they find, I do plan to expand our walk in capability to include psychiatric services.


This is the Vision.  This is the Big Idea.  When you need help now!

Thought For The Week

Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them. -Unknown

Make it a Great Week !  



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